Williams 2012 Christmas Letter

‘Twas a few weeks before Christmas, all through our home

The children were texting friends on their phone.

Decorations hung throughout the house with such care,

Our church would soon gather for a Christmas party there;

Annie nestled all snug in her new doggie bed,

While visions of bacon danced in her head.

Otis barking, content to drive everyone crazy,

“Take me for a walk, there’s no time to be lazy.”

Our house filled with noise and much clatter,

I questioned myself, “What was the matter?”

Then it dawned that life was passing in a flash

So over the keyboard my fingers quickly dashed.

In a quest to write and remember this time,

When children were happy, and life sublime.

Aaron now 16 and quite a young man,

Praises God on his guitar in a band.

Abigail’s a lovely lady and is 13 now,

She’s growing so fast, I ask myself how.

Andrew is ten, courageous and strong,

He’ll become a man soon, it won’t be long.

The children are all doing well in school.

Ask them how it’s going, they’ll say, “It’s cool!”

Dad teaches Aaron higher math and American Gov,

Mom’s thankful for this; these are things she doesn’t love.

Andrew and Abby do their studies each day,

On occasion we’ll meet friends at the park to play.

This year Mom finished book number four,

She’s praying to see if there should be more.

The year is almost gone, it has certainly flew.

We’ve had a good one, been much blessed, too!

Into our family, the Lord has added another,

Eric, our associate pastor, friend, and brother.

We all enjoy having him around,

Into our life, he came with a bound.

We are thankful God has us at Cornerstone,

Such a wonderful church where love is shown.

God is at work, teaching us day by day.

Molding, shaping to conform to His way.

Dad loves to teach and preach each week,

Telling others of Christ, lowly and meek.

Who came to earth as a babe so mild,

The Son of God didn’t remain a child.

But grew up sinless and died on the cross,

For my sins and yours and all the lost.

Christmas isn’t about Santa, that jolly old elf,

I laugh when I think of this, in spite of myself.

Not reindeer or snowmen, it’s so much more.

Not parties, or presents, or holiday décor.

It’s about God’s love and the gift He gave to all.

Eternal life through His Son if upon Him you call.

Repent of your sins, He’s faithful and true,

He’ll give you peace and a heart that is new.

If He is your Lord, praise Him this holiday season,

Never forget that Jesus Christ is the reason.

Keep these things in mind, please do not lose sight.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!

2 thoughts on “Williams 2012 Christmas Letter

  1. Charlotte Holifield says:

    Hey Kimberly, Glad to hear you and that you all are doing well. The children have grown so tall. Yes, it has been a very busy year and time flies by before we know it. I do hope you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and stay safe.

    Love Your Sister in Christ,
    Charlotte Holifield

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