Williams Christmas Letter 2020

Family & Friends,

It’s 2020 and we’ve almost made it to the end of the year. I think we can all agree…it’s been a year! I typically pen our annual Christmas letter, but this year I recruited some help from Little Miss. 🙂

Wow! This has been the best year of my life! I’ve already had my 2nd birthday party even though I don’t turn 2 for a few more days, but Papa and Nana insists that I get a summer birthday party every year. So, on June 27th Nana made me a half birthday cake and we had a party. I’m growing fast and talking up a storm. I’m as smart as a whip and pretty much the cutest little thing ever, but sometimes I get in trouble. Nana says it’s because I’m somewhat stubborn and act just like my Dad did when he was 2.

Daddy (I call him DaDa) works very hard at his job every day. He comes home dirty with lots of stories to tell. He bought me and Mommy a beautiful house this year. I have a room with a big girl bed and my own playroom. Mommy takes care of me and Daddy. She does a really good job at it!

On Sundays they take me to church. Papa preaches about Jesus. Nana plays the piano. Daddy plays guitar and leads music. Mommy works hard at training me to be quiet so I can listen and learn. Aunt Abigail and Uncle Andrew are there too and all my friends! Nana thinks it’s really wonderful that we worship together as a family. I don’t understand the significance of it all yet, but I will someday.

My Papa sure does love me. He has candy in his pocket that is just for me. When he’s not preaching about Jesus, he is working hard on other things. He is super busy, but he always makes time for our family. Nana thinks he’s a rock star.  Nana spends every Wednesday afternoon with me. That’s our girl time. We read books, watch Frozen, and sing songs like ‘Jesus loves me this I know.’  I’m pretty sure she does other things, but those don’t matter to me much.

My Aunt Abby turned 21 this year. I guess that’s a pretty big deal. It must have been because the whole world shut down for it.  We couldn’t have a party with other people, so Nana and Papa gave Abigail a surprise scavenger hunt around town. It was fun. Abby is either working 1 of her 2 jobs, hanging out with her boyfriend, or reminding me how cute I am.

My Uncle Andrew is a Senior this year. (Nana says that this is her 20th and final year of homeschooling.) Andrew just turned 18, works part time, does his online studies, and just finished up his football season with the 10 and 0 Bentonville Tigers. Drew Drew is a pretty cool dude. The world is waiting for him so who knows what he’ll do next?

My family is pretty amazing. We laugh loud and love big and I couldn’t have asked for a better one.”

Emma Rose, age 2 (in a few days)

I don’t know what this year has held for you and I certainly don’t know what the next one holds, but every now and then let me encourage you to look at the world through the eyes of a child. It’s much simpler. Here is something I do know; life is short. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow and only a few things will matter in eternity. And this I know more than anything: Jesus knows me. This I love. I hope and pray that you hold on to the same truth. May our hearts be turned, and our eyes focused on Him – the only One worthy!

From our family to yours – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

 Love, The Williams Family

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