Speaking Topics

One of my greatest passions is speaking with women and encouraging them in their daily walk with the Lord. The goal is to point them toward God by using practical application, storytelling, laughter, and most importantly His Word. If you are looking for someone to speak at your next ladies retreat, conference, banquet, or homeschool event, contact me at authorkimberlywilliams@gmail.com

Below are a few of my speaking topics.

Single Sessions (lasting 40-60 minutes)

How to Study the Bible: This is an introduction to expository, verse-by-verse Bible studies. It is a devotion designed for lady’s groups who are studying the Living Out the Word series or any verse-by-verse study of the Bible.

She is Like a Merchant’s Ship: Taken from Proverbs 31:14 and an encouragement for women in all seasons of life.

Apples of Gold: This session deals with the use of our words.A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver,” Proverbs 25:11.

 The Blessings of Trials: It is not a matter of if we will go through trials, but when. Taken from James Chapter One, this session helps us to see past our pain by looking to the work God is doing in our lives through trials.

My Love for You is Like the Laundry: That’s right, it’s never-ending!  A look at the beauty of love and marriage.

What are we communicating? Communication plays a major role in marriage. Without it marriages fail.  Likewise, without healthy communication marriages will fail as well. In this session, I share the meaning, the method, and the motivation behind healthy biblical communication in marriage.

Facing Opposition: The Christian lifestyle is offensive (John 15:18-19). Add to the equation a choice to educate and disciple our children at home and expect to meet resistance. I address common objections to home education such as: You shelter your children too much! Your children will rebel! And, your children will not know how to deal with the “real” world. I then share the biblical response to each.

 Nurturing Your Marriage through the Homeschool Years: How is an overworked, under-rested homeschooling mother supposed to work on maintaining a healthy marriage?  This session looks at myths and truths of homeschooling and marriage, having clear priorities, and practical application.

 Lesson 101:  Obedience is the first fundamental lesson that must be taught to our children. If we fail to teach our children to honor and obey us, they will not learn how to honor and obey God. Taken from Ephesians 6:1-3, this is a great session for all parents.

Retreat/Conference Sessions

Women of Worth Series:

  • The Woman Who Loved Wisdom (Queen of Sheba)
  • The Woman Who Diligently Works (Proverbs 31 Woman)
  • The Woman of Well-Doing (Widow Woman)
  • The Woman Who Faithfully Witnesses (Naaman’s Little Maid)
  • The Woman Who Reverently Worships (Mary anoints Christ)

Blessed Assurance:  Taken from the book of 1st John, this series deals with the most important test any person will ever take. It is the Faith Test, learning how to “know that we know” we are in the faith. Christians are told to “Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves,” 2 Cor. 13:5a.  During this conference we look at 9 ways that are found in 1st John to examine yourself.

Building a Godly Marriage: Jesus Christ is the foundation of the Christian home. Couples build upon that foundation, and a strong marriage will use the “building blocks” of love, intimacy, communication, trust, and respect to erect a beautiful home.

Crown Jewels – Becoming the Woman God Intended: Each lady, no matter what station of life she is in, is a jewel in God’s eyes. Session 1 addresses young ladies as pearls of great worth. Session 2 is for married women who are rubies above measure. Session 3 is for those “Diamonds” who have a husband in ministry or special calling upon his life.  And session 4 is for those precious older women with wisdom more worthy than gold.

Home Discipleship: Much More than ABC’s and 123’s:  This series is about the discipleship process we find all throughout Scripture applied to the home. It covers the biblical mandate we have as parents, the structure of the Christian home, how to keep the proper perspective, fundamentals and practicalities of home discipleship, and addresses how a homeschooling lifestyle can help parents accomplish this very objective.

True Worship – Most people have a misunderstanding of worship. They think of it as merely the music portion of a church service. But worship is much more than a few songs one day a week. In fact, it’s more than music and it is something we should do more than once a week. We are to worship God daily. We are to worship Him individually, within the family, and corporately as the assembly (church). During this conference we dive deep into the 4 pillars that make up true worship: Prayer, Praise, Proclamation, and Giving.