A Penny Saved

I take my profession very seriously. My career is my family. I was handpicked for this job by the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth. He gave me the title of help meet and mother. My pay is in blessings and eternal rewards. I have complete job security. I never have to worry about a cutback. I don’t have to worry about my paycheck being spent. Office politics is a nonissue. And, I look forward to Monday mornings. I love my job! Part of my job responsibility is to make sure that I am a good steward of all that God has given me. One way I am trying to do this is to work on the principle that a penny saved is a penny earned. Therefore, if I can save my husband money by how I manage our home, I am earning him money.

Of course, as Christians when it comes to “earning money” we must be careful to have the right motives and a biblical attitude.

• If we have clothing and food we should be content (I Timothy 6:8).

• It is God that gives the power to get wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18).

• When He gives us riches we are not to set our heart upon them (Psalm 62:10).

• If he takes our wealth away we should still bless His name (Job 1:21).

• God has chosen the poor of this world to be rich in faith (James 2:5).

These are just a few of the principles the Bible speaks on about finances. There are many more. God’s Word is sufficient. We’ve always believed it, now we’re trying to live it. Here are a few things I have done away with this year to help save a penny, thus earning one.

Household cleaning items – Like, rinse aid for dishwasher, Windex, room deodorizers, fabric softeners, bathroom and kitchen cleaners, etc. All of these have been replaced with vinegar. Vinegar is one of the most frugal, all purpose, natural clean items you have on hand. It can be used effectively for many things. Do some research on the subject. You’ll be glad you did and so will your pocket book!

Disposable razors and shaving cream – We were spending a small fortune at the store for disposable razor blades each month. My husband looked into getting an old time safety razor from his barber. He now pays around 3 dollars for 10 blades. Each blade last a lot longer than the average disposable razor blade plus it is double sided; therefore it is like buying 20 blades. He also purchased the old time shaving soap. It cost less than one bottle of shaving cream and will last 4 times longer. Instead of purchasing shaving items weekly we make one or two small purchases a year.

Pool chemicals – When we lived on the coast we were spending close to $100 a month on pool chemicals. Last year my husband invested in a salt water filter. It was the best investment we could have made for the pool. This summer we have spent $30 on salt. Plus, not to mention all the benefits of how much healthier the salt is than the chemicals. We love it!

Packaged foods – One meal that I fix consistently every day is breakfast. As a result I was spending a lot of money on Bisquick. I now make biscuits and pancakes from scratch. It is easy, better for you, and a lot less expensive. I also no longer buy Sloppy Joe mix in a can (around $1.50) and use instead equal amounts of ketchup and BBQ sauce. It taste good and is very easy. I make my own sweet and sour sauce and many other items. With a few strokes on the keyboard you can find all sorts of recipes. It is worth the extra effort and your family will appreciate the better quality of the food. Your husband will appreciate the reduction of your grocery bill.

Laundry soap – This is my all-time favorite money saving tip of the year! I first read about making my own laundry soap in the Duggar’s book. (I just love this family!) My mother convinced me to try it and Lord willing, I will never buy laundry soap again. It is so easy to do. In fact, my 11 year old daughter made it last week. We use to buy Tide at between 15 – 20 dollars for 110 loads. We can now make the same amount for about 10% of the cost. Go to the Duggar’s website to find the recipe.

I still have a lot to learn about being a good steward of my home. So, if you have some money saving tips, share them with me.

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.

(Pro 31:27)