There seems to be two ways of looking at things; the world view and the Biblical view. 
When it comes to feminism the world view is prevalent.  Feminism has been telling us for years that there is no difference in the roles of men and women.  “Anything you can do I can do better” is the attitude of most feminist when it comes to men.  The question isn’t rather women can do the jobs better but rather should they.  Because of the confusion of the roles of men and women, not only have women wanted to act like men, but now men are acting like women.  This attitude is a complete slap in the face of the Almighty God who created us for different purposes.  Remember, woman was created to be the help meet of man.  The feminist says, “I will lead this family because I’m more spiritual.  I will make decisions because I’m smarter.  I will raise the children according to my wishes because I spend more time with them.  I will decide what to do in this house because if ‘Mom isn’t happy, no one is’.  He can not tell me what to do because he has faults of his own and etc., etc., etc.”  But the Biblical view is completely different than the worlds.  In fact, in most cases if your attitude doesn’t stand out in the world and is different then most of those around you then you probably do not have a Biblical view.  When it comes to women the Biblical view is, “My husband will lead this family is all areas, physically, spiritually, and financially.  He is responsible and will answer to God for the holiness of the family, for how the children are raised, for the decisions made within the family.  I will respect his God given position regardless of his faults.  I will lift him up in prayer and honor him as unto the Lord.  I will not talk down to him or about him to others.  I will be his helper in every area of life.”


Do you see how different this mind set is?


We’re to the point now that when the world sees a man who is the leader of his family it’s very offensive.  But can I tell you that from a woman’s perspective who truly wants a Godly husband that it’s a wonderful thing when a man realizes his responsibilities to God and his family.  When your husband is a Godly leader there is security in all areas of life.  God blesses a man who stands up and leads.  Look at Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David.  Take a look at the men in the New Testament church.  These men were leaders not only in their homes but also in the church.


Ladies, until we find our God give role as women; there will never be happiness or contentment in this life.  There will be struggles and fighting.  But when the Biblical role of womanhood is embraced there is peace and joy.  As we humble ourselves before the Lord may God bless our efforts to live a life that is pleasing to Him.

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