Pajama Day

Years ago when Aaron was a toddler and Abigail a baby, Dana was involved in youth ministry and working at Coca-Cola and I had my embroidery business.  After Christmas we found ourselves exhausted.  For 6 weeks we went nonstop.   There were Christmas parties, shopping, programs, caroling, baking, and visiting.  We were both overwhelmed in our work and feeling drained. It was that year in January that we decided to have a “Pajama Day”.  For those who have never heard of such a thing let me explain what a “Pajama Day” means to us.   On this day our family does not leave the house.  We unplug the phone.  We read books, play games together and watch movies.  This is a day of complete rest.  On this day we talk about the upcoming year and our goals individually and as a family.  For those of you who know my husband you must know how hard this was for him.  He likes to be productive and sitting at home all day in his pajamas does not seem very productive.  But that year in January began one of our favorite traditions and has continued each year since.  It is because we have come to realize how important it is to slow down every now in then.  It’s important to revaluate our lives and it’s important to not be so B.U.S.Y. (Bound Under Satan’s Yoke) We’re a close family and it’s Pajama Day’s, family devotions, family activities and family ministries that keep us close.  Families need to spend time together. Remember there are several simple things you can do as a family to remain close.  Statistics show over and over again that children from families that eat meals together are healthier, happier and better students.  We always say that the biggest room in our home is the room for improvement.  Is there something you can do to improve your families relationship?  Remember, the family is important.  After all it was the first institution that God established here on earth. (Genesis 2:24)


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