Tree Planters

Everywhere you turn you can find a TV ad, brochure or spokesperson addressing the need to “Save Our Earth and Plant a Tree”.  School children are indoctrinated to believe in “Mother Earth” and “Global Warming”.  There are companies, organizations, websites and even a nationally celebrated observance (Arbor Day) dedicated to tree planting and care.  So much passion and so misplaced!  It’s not that I find anything wrong with taking care of our earth; in fact, we are to be good stewards of God’s creation.   But the irony of many tree-huggers is that they will worship the creation and ignore the Creator!  I will however, give them credit in one area.  They are investing in the future.  People who plant trees rarely enjoy the full benefits of the shade that the tree will bring; they do however recognize the fact that someone else in the future will.   An old Chinese Proverb says, “If you think in seasons, plant cereals.  If you think in decades, plant trees.  If you think in centuries, educate your children.”  

Are we as God’s people investing in the future?  Do we as God’s people have a multi-generational vision?  Are we concerned about embracing God’s Truths and teaching it to our children and our children’s children?  Are we concerned about our family’s godly heritage 4 and 5 generations from now?  Are we planting spiritual trees by the rivers of water that will bring forth prosperous fruit and not wither?   Or, are we thinking of only the immediate?  Are we more concerned about our own prosperity than the spiritual wealth of our generation to come?  Will the average Christian even think past Sunday when it comes to spiritual matters?  Will the average Christian invest in the spiritual future of their children?  Will they do what it takes to ensure that their children are rock-solid warriors for the Kingdom of God?  Will the average Christian invest hours and hours upon their knees praying for their family?  Will the average Christian devote their lives to guarantee the foundation upon which their family stands is firm?  Will the average Christians pour their hearts into the Word of God and dedicate their time and energy to its teaching and training of their family?  I’d say NO; the average Christian would never do all of this but the Christian who fully understood generational blessings would certainly invest.  This person would plant young trees on prepared ground built on godly principles.  This person would water the trees with the Words of Life and daily cultivate and care for each tree.  Are you this person?  Am I this person?  It’s a question worth asking? 

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