Last night my husband and oldest son and I watched Ben Stein’s “Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed”.  If you have not had an opportunity to watch this I highly encourage you to.  In this eye opening documentary, Stein exposes the hypocrisy of the atheist’s double standards of teaching in classrooms and universities and well as brings to light the connections between Darwinism and abortion, euthanasia and Hitler’s killings.  As he interviewed atheist after atheist one thing that I noticed was that many of them referred to their early religious beliefs and how after a semester or two of college their eyes were opened to the “truths” of evolution.  As I’m watching this I’m wondering how many people have been brought up in Christianity (including Darwin himself) only to have the influence of one professor destroy their faith.

It’s not just college students who are having their faith destroyed.  Evolution is taught as early as pre-school.  Just try and go to the local library and find a picture book on dinosaurs without having the lie of evolution jump off the pages.  It usually goes something like this….Dinosaurs lived millions and millions of years before humans. 

If we as parents leave the teaching of science up to PBS, the classrooms or universities then we will have children who will question their faith and be taught that the Bible is nothing more than a collection of stories for the weak-minded.  So what is a Christian parent to do?  First, you must educate yourself.  Mom and Dad, Have you looked through your child’s textbook for accuracy?  Do you know how old the earth is?  Can you explain the Creation account found in Genesis?  Can you explain what happened to the dinosaurs?   Can you explain the difference between micro and macro evolution?  God has an answer for all of this.  True science can be verified by the Word of God.  If we do not ground our children in the Rock-Solid Scriptures they will easily be deceived to believe a lie.  We must not be naïve.   Evolution is not an innocent teaching.   Evolution is not only anti-science (for true science can be tested) but it is a dangerous religious belief.  The same belief that molded the evil thinking of Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Margaret Sanger, and Karl Marx    all of who have caused untold suffering and pain in this world. Why would we allow our children to be indoctrinated in these same teachings?  If an hour of Sunday School each week is all the teaching our children receive then they will not be strong enough to fight off the lies of the enemy.   It’s time to wake up.

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