Tea Parties

dsc00217  Raising a daughter just about guarantees you that tea parties will be a part of your life.  Beginning with the time my daughter could barely walk, having tea parties with her stuffed animals to just last summer when my daughter and I hosted an afternoon tea for the older ladies in our church.  All proper young ladies love tea parties.

Tea has played an important role in America.  It was in 1767 that because of the unjust taxes on tea, as well as many other reasons, that the historic event that we know as the Boston Tea Party took place. 

I pray that another historic event has just taken place.  Today, my husband and I took our children to another tea party.  All across the nation, thousands of other people just like me, who believe in God, in liberty, and in freedom took a stand.  People stood who are tired of our immoral big government.  People stood today who know and believe that our government is made up for the people, by the people and of the people.  People, true patriots, are uniting and it’s encouraging.

Too long have we stood by and done nothing.  Too long have we let a few in Washington dictate to us their beliefs.  Too long have we allowed our government to grow out of control.  Too long have we let our freedoms be taken from us.  I heard it today, from the platform on a courthouse in Southern Mississippi, “There is no messiah in Washington!  There is no king but King Jesus.”  It’s about time that the Christians stand up and say this loudly.  People need to quit holding out their hands to the government expecting the government to save them.  In fact, people need to quit holding their hands out to the government schools who indoctrinate their children in the ways of humanism and who fail to teach the truth of our Christian heritage and founding fathers.  People need to quit holding their hands out to the government for health care, mortgage payments, car payments and jobs.  Quit holding out your hands and start holding up your head.  Be an American.

We must pray hard and work hard.  We must take a stand and be involved.  There is too much at stake to only think about the immediate.  Looking at my children, I’m compelled to try and make a difference in this country.  After all it was multigenerational thinking that made this great country what it once was.  I won’t just turn it over to the liberals.  I won’t just turn it over to the ungodly.  If our country collapses let it not be said of me that I did nothing but that my family stood till the end.  With that thought I think I’ll go make a glass of tea.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance. Psalm 33:12

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