Any other “MEAN” parents out there?

Every year about this time I go through the same dialogue with my children. It usually goes something like this…

Sorry, you can’t watch that video today. You know the rule. Once school starts back up we turn the TV off completely during the week.

But mom, we don’t watch that much TV. We don’t even have cable or local channels. Everyone else watches much more than we do.

Sorry children, we don’t live our lives in comparison to others.

But what’s wrong with watching a good wholesome movie every now and then?

Nothing is wrong with it. But I don’t want you children to spend your life watching other people live fake lives. You have a life to live. Now go do it! Be creative. Learn a new skill. Read a book. Make a difference to someone around you. Explore the world. Work with your hands. Write a letter. Play a game. Change the world.

I believe that they understand my heart on this issue. Maybe they are just use to this answer or perhaps they realize that their father and I are resolved. But the truth is, there is just too much living to do for us to waste it in front of the TV.

2 thoughts on “Any other “MEAN” parents out there?

  1. terri says:

    Tell your kids about the even meaner mom….I don’t have t.v. If they get a movie, it’s on the tiny screen in the car on a long ride or a dvd played at home.

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