UNSTUFF -A Book Review

I just finished reading UNSTUFF – Making Room In Your Life for What Really Matters by Michael and Hayley DiMarco.  This book really surprised me.  I was not expecting to be challenged to this extent. 

I am not a fan of “self-help” books because we should not look within ourselves for help.  True help comes from the Lord and it is to Him that we should cling.  So honestly, when I first received this book I thought it would be just another shallow self-help book.  I have to admit that I was wrong.  The premise of this book is that everything in the universe falls into one of two categories – God and stuff. 

The DiMarco’s confront their love for stuff and take a journey to Unstuff their lives.  They spend three month driving across the country in a motor home visiting homeless shelters.  They share their story, their failures, their success, and the changes they made to simplify their lives so they could live more fully for God and for others.  They share reasons to Unstuff and challenge those who have ears to hear the truths behind Unstuff.  I believe their dedication sums it up:  “To the One who created all and knows our hearts.  May we worship You and not your creation (or the creation’s creations).”

Our society is built around commercialism.  We love our stuff.  We want more stuff, bigger stuff, and newer stuff. We want the stuff our neighbors and co-workers have.  And the truth is that we are so blinded by the idea that we deserve stuff that the tenth commandment seems irrelevant.  Unstuff takes a look at not just things that money can buy but also the stuff we put into our minds, stuff we put into our bodies, relationship stuff, worship stuff, and future stuff.  The reading is simplistic but the ideas are deep.  Do not pick up this book unless you want to be challenged.  The only strike from this reviewer would be the Bible translation used.  I prefer to use the KJV and it is somewhat inconvenient to stop to look up Scripture each time.  However, most will overlook this issue.   Thank you Tyndale House Publishers for the book in exchange for an honest product review.  It was enjoyable.

3 thoughts on “UNSTUFF -A Book Review

  1. amyleebell says:

    Your post makes me want to run out and buy this book. Our family has so much stuff – mostly stuff that we don’t even use! Do you know what my favorite part of staying in a hotel is? The absence of all my stuff! You walk into that empty room and feel such freedom! This is an area that definitely needs attention in my life – thanks for challenging me!

  2. Francine says:

    I picked up the book at the library. This is a great book. I would like to share it with others. It made me look at the priorities in my life. I want the freedom of being unstuffed. I have to take the book out again. My plan for spring break this year is to unstuff my life one room at a time.

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