Higher Grounds

“What are you preaching this morning?” I asked my husband.  We were sitting alone at the breakfast table.  We had just finished our breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast and were now sipping our coffee and talking.  I held my coffee and listened to him share with me what he was going to preach to a group of young pastors in a few hours.  As I held my coffee I whiffed the fragment aroma.  I cherish mornings like these.  The children were still asleep, the phone had not starting ringing, no one needed our attention, and laundry could wait.  This was our time.  We both seemed deliberate in taking our time this morning.  We sipped slowly not wanting the moment to end.  We talked about life, our children, and the precious things of God. It is not that these moments are few.  You see, we make a point every morning to have this time alone.  We grow closer.  Our marriage becomes stronger.  Life becomes sweeter. 

As I sat there this morning thanking the Lord for my husband and our blessed life together I wondered how many people experience the joy of marriage.  How many people take time each day to cultivate their relationship with their spouse?  How many husbands talk, share, and communicate with their wives?  How many wives purposefully make time for their husbands each morning?  How many couples spend time each day talking about the Word of God?  I hope many do.  I pray those reading this do.  In the end very few things will matter.  How busy we were, our homes, our cars, our careers, and our stuff will all be in vain someday.  However, our marriage is well worth nurturing.

“Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with the according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.”  I Peter 3:7

3 thoughts on “Higher Grounds

  1. jlsgrant says:

    Wonderful way to start the day! Thanks for sharing… we sometimes get so caught up in the busyness that we neglect our time together. Stopping by from the Crew.

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