Truth Be Told

If the truth were to be told, there are many families out there who are tired of the trashy entertainment that fills the airwaves.  Our family had to finally resort to turning off the TV and sticking with family friendly movies that we could rent.  However, this past year, Family Movie Night has successfully reached millions of viewers all across America.  Movies like Change of Plans and A Walk in My Shoes offered families wholesome alternatives and teaching moments with their children.

 Now, the latest in the Family Movie Night series, Truth Be Told, is set to air this Saturday, April 16th, 2011 on FOX.  I previewed the movie this week and was once again pleasantly surprised.  Truth Be Told addresses the importance of honesty and personal integrity even when faced with great temptations.  The wisdom of the world is to compromise the truth in order to achieve your goals in life.  The movie highlights the consequences of such action and worldly thinking.  The moral is that honestly is always the best policy.  The movie was lighthearted and fun to watch and, like the other Family Movie Night films, it stressed the importance of family unity.

 Film Synopsis:

 According to Colorado’s leading marriage counselor Annie Morgan (Candace

Cameron Bure, Full House, Make It or Break It), honesty and love are the keys

to successful long-term relationships. Ironically, Annie has never been married

and doesn’t always follow her own advice. When an opportunity arises to

discuss hosting a relationship talk show with media mogul Alexander Bishop

(Ronny Cox, St. Elsewhere, Beverly Hills Cop), Annie jumps at the chance.

Through a misunderstanding, she receives an invitation for her and her spouse

to join Bishop at his New Mexico ranch. Fearful that being single will wreck

her big chance, Annie conspires with Mark Crane (David James Elliott, JAG),

an old college friend who is a retired professional football player and recent

widower, to pose as a married couple with their teenage kids for the weekend.

A series of comical misunderstandings mark the weekend, leaving Annie

emotionally involved with Mark and his two teenagers and battling with her own

conscience. Will she confess the truth about her marital status or the feelings

she’s developing for Mark? Telling the truth may have its consequences, but

ultimately it’s what opens our hearts and brings out the best in each other.

So make plans with your family to enjoy Truth Be Told this Saturday.  For a  preview of the trailer click here.

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