From the Mouth of Babes

In just a few weeks I will have my newest book, From the Mouth of Babes available!

If you are a blogger and would be interested in reviewing this book on your blog, send me an email and I’ll forward the information.

Just what does the abundant life look like?  Flip through these pages and you will get a glimpse into the abundant life of this pastor’s wife and homeschooling mother of three, who lives with her family in South Mississippi. 

Written by Kimberly Williams, From the Mouth of Babes is a compilation of short stories about life, children, faith, and this world we live in.

Learn how to have a clean kitchen, see life through the eyes of a child, look at marriage in a new light, take a serious look at the church and this modern culture, and discover some new traditions.    Grab a cup of coffee and kick up your feet.  Get ready to laugh, be prepared to be challenged, and pull out your Bible as you are pointed to the Word of God.

4 thoughts on “From the Mouth of Babes

  1. Becky says:

    Kimberly, Learned about your blog and books from Heather. I am a FM with the Crew and also a Minister’s wife. seems we have a few things in common, including living and ministering in the South! I will be happy to help you spread the word of your message! God bless your efforts and all you do.
    ~ Becky P.

  2. Vickie says:

    I’d be willing to help spread the word about your book too. Looks interesting and the sort of book I like reading. June 6-10 is VBS week but I should be able to start on it the week after. By then I’ll have all my other reviews done 🙂


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