A Day in the Studio

   “I will sing unto the LORD, because he hath dealt bountifully with me,” Psalm 13:6.

 I have loved music as long as I can remember.  As a child, music filled our home.  Some of my fondest memories from childhood are of my mom playing the piano and my dad singing songs to the Lord.  And now some of my favorite moments with my husband and children are when we are gathered around the piano singing as a family. 

 As a child of God there is always a song on my heart.  Over the years I have written a handful of songs.  Just recently I had the opportunity to record some of them.  We have a friend who has a recording studio down on the coast.  Last month we spent two days recording 4 songs.  This weekend I went back and recorded two more songs.  It was quite a learning experience!  Here are some things I learned.

First, while I do love to sing; I am not a professional singer.  I am a writer with a message.  Second, the songs you hear on the radio have been adjusted, arranged, edited, and brushed up a lot.  The technology behind it all is amazing.  And third, I learned that the process can be overwhelming.  To have your music exposed in its rawest form is rather intimidating so it is important to keep the correct perspective.  And it is that my singing is unto the Lord – for His glory – and no other reason!

 Here are a few pictures from my day in the studio.

This is our friend, Mark who so graciously worked with us. 

The first thing we did was record me playing and singing the song. 

Sometimes we did this over and over again.

I spent the morning playing and singing.  We went to lunch and came back to finish up.  This is the room where I did the voice recording. 

This time I would just sing. 

Then comes all the editing and cleaning up.  Here is Mark showing my dear husband (in red) some things on the computer. 

The children had to be extremely quiet.  Every sound would be picked up when we were recording.  Andrew got a little restless but was a good sport for most the day! 

Abigail hanging out!

No, Aaron did not play for me but he would have loved to.

One of my songs….

My day in the studio is over.  Thank you again Mark!  Thank you Dana and children for your support!  Thank you Lord for giving me a melody in my heart and a reason to sing!

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