An Offensive Lifestyle

 The other day I received my copy of Home School Enrichment and was surprised to see an article that I had written, “Homeschooling – An Offensive Lifestyle.”  I submitted it some time back and to be honest I had forgotten all about it.  Apparently, the Lord had the timing all worked out.  It seems as though this subject hit a lot of people.  I have had more response from it than any other I have written.

If you do not get the magazine you can read the May/June 2011 issue online at

 Below are a few excerpts from my readers.

 “Kimberly, I just came across your article in Home School Enrichment and it was refreshing! My husband and I often times feel “alone” in our decisions of how to raise our daughter and the choices we make……”

 “Kimberly, I just received a free copy of  Homeschool Enrichment magazine in the mail and read your article on offensive lifestyle.  I just wanted to thank you.  It has been a very hard year for my family…..”

“Mrs. Williams, I read and thoroughly enjoyed your article.  Ever more increasingly these days, Christians need to hear your message especially and even when it feels like they’re under attack from the world…..”

 “I just had to write you and tell you how much your article in the Homeschool Enrichment touched me tonight.  I just read ‘Homeschooling, An Offensive Lifestyle’ and it encouraged me so much…. I have been feeling a lot of persecution from my CHRISTIAN friends and it has gotten me very discouraged.  It’s like we don’t fit in with the world and we don’t fit in with the church.  God spoke to me through your article and it really lifted me up…… Thank you very much for your words of wisdom!”

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