Women of Worth

It’s Monday but not your typical one.  It is the Monday after spending four days on the beach in Gulf Shores with a group of amazing women I just met.  I had a great time at our Women of Worth Retreat! 

Physically, my sunburn has now turned into a nice golden tan.  But my body is tired.  Surprisingly, sitting at the pool and on the beach is draining.  I didn’t realize that resting could be so pleasantly exhausting.  Of course my fatigue might be due to the eight hours I spoke this weekend.  But I really had a lot of time for relaxing.  In fact, in between our sessions I was able to start and finish a book I had brought to read.  That is my idea of a peaceful weekend.  

Emotionally, I am glad to be home.  I missed my family.  Four days without my husband and children was a first for me.  And four days without me was a first for them.  We all made it and although I have always felt like my husband and children appreciate me, I really feel appreciated now!  Last night when my husband picked me up the children were helping out at a local VBS so Dana took me to Hattiesburg for a nice quiet dinner.  When we picked the children up they about knocked me over. 

Spiritually, my spirit is soaring. We had a very uplifting time in the Word of God.  As we studied several examples of Women of Worth we all grew closer to the Lord.  I spoke on women who seek wisdom, women who diligently work, women who are not weary in well-doing, women who faithfully witness, and women who reverently worship.  It was a time of honesty and an opportunity to be real without judgment.  It was a time of prayer and worship.  It was a time of exhortation and encouragement.  

I thank my dear friend, Angela and her church for the invitation.  I thank my family for parting with me.  And I thank the Lord for the opportunity to be used and for His divine guidance and protection these last few days.  And I am thankful that in Christ I can be a Women of Worth! 

Thursday night after the second group of ladies arrived at the condo some of them were anxious to check out the water. 

One night (way into the night) our room played a game of Phase Ten.  The following night we played a dice game called Farkle until 1 a.m.  (Sorry, there will be no pictures of that game!)

A few women hanging out before one of our sessions… 

Heading to dinner one night.  I had some great seafood on this trip.

9 of the 16…..dinner and shopping.   

Some pictures need no explanation. 

Here are the ladies that were in my condo. 

“The Best Gift” skit and our last session…

Packing up… 

One last picture of Kim, Kim, Kim, and Kim. 

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