The First Week

It has been 10 days since our move and I can say that this is the first time that I have had a few minutes to sit down.  It has been a relaxing morning and I thank the Lord for it.

Our move went extremely well.  We had so much help from friends and family.  It took us around 13 hours with the U-Haul truck to make the trip.  Here is a picture of my children at Lake Village Arkansas.  Aaron’s friend, Levi, went with us from Arkansas back to Mississippi to help us pack and move.  He’s in the green shirt. 

We took our time and made it to my parent’s house around 9 p.m.  We parked the truck and spent the night there.  The next morning feeling refreshed and ready to start unloading we drove to Bentonville (30 minutes north).  It is a lot easier unloading than it is loading.    In fact, when we first loaded we couldn’t fit everything on the truck.  Thankfully, we had some dear friends offer to bring their trailer and drive it to Arkansas for us on Saturday.  We were able to put our couch, washer, dryer, and our outside stuff on it.  What a blessing!  Thank you Bill and Karen!

The 3rd was our first Sunday at Cornerstone.  Although tired, we had a very good day.

As you can tell, there is a lot of road construction going on.  The front road of the church will be a 5 lane highway and the side road will be a four lane highway when they are finished.

We spent the 4th cooking out at my parent’s home.  It’s so nice being close to my family again.  We truly thank the Lord for bringing us back up this way. 

Wednesday through Friday I had a good friend drive up from central Arkansas.  She came to help me unpack all those boxes and decorate my home.  We worked hard!  Jayna has a very creative eye and she helped me turn this house into a beautiful home. 

This is the front of our home.  We have decided that Abigail will be in charge of all the plants.  After all, we want them to live. 

This is the foyer area from our front door.  When you walk in the door on the right is my office. 

I LOVE my office!  Since this home is smaller than our last one we had to bring one of my kitchen tables in here.  It turned out that I loved the way it looked.  There is a beautiful, large window where the table sits.  It’s a great place to visit with a friend over a cup of coffee! 

Isn’t the fireplace lovely!  My children have already mentioned how they can’t wait to get our first big snow this winter. 

We felt very blessed to find our$80 craigslist fridge! 

The kitchen is open which will encourage me to keep it clean! 

The house has a split-floor-plan with the master bed and bath off the kitchen.   This is one view of my bedroom.  I won’t show you all the boxes pilled up on the back wall! 

One of my favorite parts about the house is the master bath.   



Abigail’s room still needs a little work but it will be beautiful when we are finished! 

My friend also went through my wardrobe with me and talked me into getting rid of half my clothes.  Thanks Jayna!  I needed that!  We enjoyed ourselves last week but were exhausted by Friday. 

After Jayna and her children left Friday afternoon I took a much needed three hour nap!

Saturday we spent the morning looking for bedroom furniture for the boys.  We hit a few yard sales and some furniture stores.  We ended up getting a bed from craigslist that afternoon.   I picked up this really cool desk for Andrew at a yard sale for $8.00. 

 That evening one of the couples from the church invited us out for dinner.  It was a good time of fellowship.

Yesterday’s services went very well.  We had several visitors.  Dana gave an introduction to the book of Ephesians.  He will be expository preaching through it on Sunday mornings.  We had a pleasant surprise in that our former pastor, the man Dana surrendered to preach under, showed up for the services with his wife and son.  I insisted they come to the house for lunch.  I had a pork loin, mashed potatoes, green beans, and homemade rolls ready.  It was so nice visiting with them.

We’re trying hard to get to know everyone at Cornerstone.  It will take some time.  Next week we are taking a group (I believe 14) to church camp at Grand Lake, OK.  My children are very excited about that.  When we get back we have VBS.

I have my first homeschool meeting tomorrow night.  With over 4,000 homeschoolers in this area it won’t take long to get plugged in.  We have friends here from the past and are already meeting new ones. 

It’s been an exciting 10 days!  I’m looking forward to watching the Lord work in our family and in the ministry here!  Keep us in your prayers!

6 thoughts on “The First Week

  1. Heather Hope says:

    Good Morning Kimberly & Family,

    What a true blessing :). The Hope Family will miss ya’ll dearly. Your family has been a tremendous blessing to us. Our lives have been touched by each and everyone of you. We will not forget it!!

    Love All,


  2. Karen says:

    Kimberly, it looks like you did a great job with a lot of help from your friends up there. We all miss you a bunch especially when we head to Petal every other Thursday.

    Love you,

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