Top 10 Reasons to NOT Homeschool

 It takes too much time!  Homeschooling is a lifestyle.  It doesn’t end at 3 p.m.  And you don’t stop learning over the weekends.   

No one pays you for doing it.  That’s pretty self explanatory.  Homeschooling mothers do not collect a check each Friday.

People think you are weird.  Who wants their family, friends, and neighbors thinking you are weird?   

You can never stop learning.  Homeschooling mothers have to keep their minds sharp.  Numbers and equations will float around in your head.  Your dreams will be filled with war dates and biology lessons.

It’s hard to advance a career. There are no promotions for the homeschooling mother.

Keeping a clean house is nearly impossible.  It is a lot easier to keep your house clean when no one is at home, running in and out, dirtying up dishes, etc.

Your home will look like a library. Just where will you put all those books?

You are always with your children.  With the exception of running back and forth between each child, you pretty much spend all day in their presence. 

Your children will not know how to deal with the “real” world.  How will they learn to associate with only people their age, raise their hand to ask a question, and stand in line?

You have to take full responsibility for the education of your children.  You can’t play the blame game when it comes to homeschooling.  You are completely accountable. 

*  Making my list of reasons to NOT homeschool has completely energized me for the coming up year.  I’ve realized that a quality education for my children is well worth investing in.  Paychecks are fleeting but this pay has eternal rewards.  Being weird (or peculiar) is normal for a child of God.  There is no greater career than my family.  A clean house is overrated.  I’m glad we are a family that loves to read.  I like my children and enjoy spending every day with them.  I don’t want my children dealing with the “real” world.  Christians don’t deal….they overcome.  And regardless, every parent is accountable to God for the education, training, and upbringing of their children.  With all of that said, I consider it a huge privilege to be able to teach my children at home.  And I thank the Lord for the opportunity. 

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons to NOT Homeschool

  1. Karen says:

    Well, Kimberly I agree with you. We prayed to have children so why would I even want to hand them over to our government to teach them what WE as parents are not only required but blessed to be able to do?
    Good thought to remind us to not be weary in well doing.

  2. yannimama says:

    Great post! I love the part about the library. 🙂 My husband and I were already big book lovers. When we moved the first year we were married my family kept teasingly complaining about all the boxes of books they needed to help move. Add two kids and homeschooling to that and we have books EVERYWHERE!

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