It is a lot easier being a Razorback fan living in NW Arkansas.  Truth be told, I’m not really a fan.  There are too many other things that occupy my time like my family, teaching, church ministry, and writing.  You can see that there is not a lot of time left for team devotion.  However, on occasions I make the time.  Why?  You may ask.  It is because it is important to my husband.  He enjoys watching football games, especially the Razorbacks.  Therefore, what is important to him becomes important to me.

I know what the feminist would say.  She is losing her identity within her husband.  If “losing my identity” is equivalent to being one flesh, I am okay with that.  “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh,” Genesis 2:24.  A wise wife will delight in the things her husband delights in.  It sure makes for a joyful marriage!  So the next time he wants to watch a Razorback game with friends, I’ll encourage it.  I can guarantee that I will not understand the game myself, but I can be hospitable, fix some fine food, and serve it in love.


(The boys enjoyed attending their first Razorback scrimmage this year.)

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