The Church Hurt Me!

Lately I have come across several online comments regarding the church in general.  Below are a few that I have recently read.

  • “I love Jesus; I just don’t like the church!”
  • “The church hurt me.”
  • “Church people are some of the cruelest people out there.”
  • “I turned my back on God because I was hurt by the church.”

I have been in church my entire life and I understand why people say these things.  I too have experienced mean, vicious, evil spirited people within the church.  I too have been hurt.   But not once did it make me want to cast off the church.  It fact, it has drawn me closer to Christ and His Word and it has given me a deeper love for the true church of God.  You see, we have a mistaken view that those that do such things are a part of the true church.  Most of the time, this is not the case.  They are simply pretenders, charlatans, and wolves in sheep clothing.  They are either unknowingly or in some cases intently seeking to destroy the reputation of the church.  And by the looks of things, they are doing a good job.

But, let us not forget that for every one negative account there are hundreds of positive ones.  For all the groups of non-believers who selfishly try to run the church, there are groups of true believers who have a heart’s desire to come together with their brothers and sisters in Christ to carry out the work of Kingdom.  For every one pastor who is foolish, ignorant, or just plain mean, there are thousands who are true servants of God, working tirelessly day and night, loving, serving, and ministering to people.  For every one hurtful word said, there are thousands of words spoken that have ministered grace unto the hearers.  For every false doctrine proclaimed by false teachers, there are still more who boldly proclaim the unequivocal truth from God’s Word.

Christ loves the church. (The true church, that is.) Christ established the church.  Christ died for the church. It is His Bride.  When we talk about the church in general, we are talking about the Bride of Christ.  We better be careful!  Quit being used by the enemy to destroy the reputation of the church.  Quit looking at self.  I know you’ve probably been hurt, but grow from it, move on, and lift your eyes and take notice of all the good that is in Christ’s true church.  And by all means, if you are in a church where Christ is not preeminent, that is not preaching the truth, not loving the brethren, not doing the work of the Kingdom, not edifying the believers, and does not look like the church should look like then find a true church where you can worship and serve.  True churches are out there.  I know, my husband is the pastor of one.  Sometimes it just takes a while to find one. But remember the words of Christ, “I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it,” Matthew 16:18.

7 thoughts on “The Church Hurt Me!

  1. Merit K says:

    Good points made. Although I do not agree that all those who do hurtful things are not believers. I think we see enough admonitions in the Scripture to believers to “live rightly” to understand that Christians are not unable to do wrong to one another, Thanks for posting your perspective and doing so in love towards those who have been hurt! Blessings~

    • Kimberly says:

      Thanks for your comment. It is very true that not all people who hurt others in the church are non-believers. We all fail. That’s where grace comes in. Perhaps I should have been clear in that those “mean, vicious, evil-spirited” people I was referring to are the ones who do not love the brethren, are constantly stirring up the church with strife and contentions, and do not have a life that bears spiritual fruits. I believe we can take from Scripture that these people are not true believers (1 John 2:9-11, 1 John 3:14, James 3:16, Matt. 7:20).

  2. Becky Honey says:

    The devil loves to use people to discourage us even people in the church. I have found that when I get my feelings hurt I just start praying harder for that person. It’s hard to stay mad at someone who you are praying for. The Lord does a work in my heart.

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Kimberly,

    Glad to see a new post today. 🙂 You are correct there is only ONE true church!!! We are going to get our feelings hurt but we must also REMEMBER that WE TOO HURT others. If we want to be forgiven we MUST also forgive and move on.


    • Kimberly says:

      One true church – many local, visible assemblies. That is until that great day when we are all gathered together in heaven. But even then we will be local, visible, and assembled! Blessings my friend.

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