Submission is an ugly word.

At least, that is what most people think. But, for the Christian, who has a submitted life to Christ, it is a beautiful term.

God ordained the institution of marriage. He established it, created it, and set the rules for it. When we follow his ways, it works beautifully. It takes a Christian husband and wife working together to fulfill the marriage plan as God intended. However, we can only implement change in ourselves. A wife cannot control who her husband is or what he does. A husband cannot change his wife. Both can, however, live their lives in a way that promotes change.

Over at The Eden Concept, Amy Lee Bell, blogger and free-lance writer, shares her thoughts on the role a wife plays in submission.

What should you do when you feel that your husband isn’t treating you right? Maybe you can sense a reoccurring streak of selfishness, or maybe it’s as bad as a complete disregard for how you feel. Worse than that, perhaps you can see that he is making poor choices or ignoring the mandates set forth in God’s Word. How can you make him understand?

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