Beverly Lewis’ The Shunning

When was the last time you picked up a good fiction book, curled up on the couch, and read for hours upon hours?  I’ve done that many times in the past.  But honestly I cannot remember when I last picked up a book to read just for fun.  My reading list now consists of research for my own books, textbook and curriculum reviews, and theological commentaries.  In the evenings, my husband does read some great books out loud to the children.  (Does that count?)  There just isn’t enough time and when I do pick up a good book I don’t want to put it down.  Unfortunately, I am the type of person who will get involved in an interesting story and read until 3 a.m.  And that is not a good habit for a mom who gets to wake up in a couple of hours and teach her children all day.  So, when I got an opportunity to review Beverly Lewis’ newest movie, “The Shunning” I was thrilled.  I’ve read many of her books and have always enjoyed them.  I have not read “The Shunning” but knew I could make time for an hour and half movie. 

 Mrs. Lewis was born in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country and is The New York Times bestselling author of more than eighty books.  Many of these books are Amish-related novels.  “The Shunning” based on her first novel, has sold more than one million copies.

 Last week I watched the movie with my daughter and my mother.  To be honest, I enjoyed watching it but felt cheated in the end.  Not to give anything away, but the end of the movie did not meet my expectations.  Maybe it’s just me.  So, be the first person to leave a comment and I’ll have your own copy of “The Shunning” DVD sent to you.  That way you can see for yourself and let us all know what you thought about the movie.


Movie Synopsis:

 Before she succumbs to cancer, the dying wish of Laura Mayfield-Bennett is to be reunited with the daughter she never knew. Unfortunately, that daughter, Katie Lapp, is a member of the Amish order. Katie is about to be married, but uneasy about the path ahead.  Now she discovers the secret her parents have kept from her: she’s adopted.  

 Check out the trailer here.

Disclaimer:  I received “The Shunning” DVD in exchange for an honest review.   I do not receive any other form of compensation for the reviews posted on this blog.

Family Movie Night – This Saturday!

Once again Wal-mart and P&G is sponsoring another Family Movie Night.  It premieres on FOX this Saturday, January 8, 2011 at 7 pm CST.  If you enjoyed Secrets of the Mountain, The Jensen Project, or A Walk in My Shoes you will probably want to mark your calendars for their newest addition of family friendly movies – A Change of Plans.

Our society appears to tear apart the seams of families.  Busyness takes away family meal time.  Separate lives take away family unity.  The culture weakens families as a whole.  Change of Plans is a refreshing reminder of what life looks like when we make family a priority in our lives.  It brings to light that sometimes life does not play out exactly the way we plan it.  And in the end that really does not matter if we will simply embrace what is truly important.

As a believer, my faith in Christ Jesus is the foundation on which I stand and the filter in which I view life.  While this movie is a secular movie, it is family friendly.  I have said for years that Christians in this country need to stop tolerating foul language and filth from Hollywood.  The reason the movie industry is what it is today is because of the 80+% of Americans that profess Christianity yet supports, encourages, and enjoys filthy movies.  I have tried to express this in a more palatable form but truth is truth.  I understand this culture.  I was once a part of this culture.  At one time in my life my professed faith did not influence what I watched.  The Lord is opening my eyes.  With all of that said, I am on board with what Wal-mart and P&G are doing.  I pray that as more and more Christians take a stand and refuse to allow the dirty tentacles of Hollywood to reach into their living rooms, that more movies like this will be made and aired on TV. 

Click here to watch the trailer and enter to win a 55″ flat screen TV and other great family entertainment prizes!

Keep reading for a brief synopsis of CHANGE OF PLANS…

Sometimes Life Gives You More Than You Bargained For

Up to this point, Sally Danville’s life has played out just as she hoped it would. A beautiful and free-spirited musician, she and her fighter-pilot husband, Jason, live life on the go, free of domestic responsibilities. But with a single phone call from Child & Family Services case worker, Dorothy (Phylicia Rashad, The Cosby Show), she learns that things don’t always go according to plan. Sally (Brooke White, American Idol) is met with the news that her best friend from college has died in a tragic accident on a Peace Corps mission and has named Sally the legal guardian of her four kids – 3 of them adopted from third-world countries. Now Sally and Jason (Joe Flanigan, Stargate Atlantis) must quickly learn to parent this instant family and help the kids deal with the culture clash of life in America. The story is both humorous and heartwarming, revealing how fulfilling life can be when you look beyond your own plans and invest in the lives of others.

The Cinderbubba Film

Our family was recently invited to “star” in a movie!

Okay, maybe not star in it but we have been privileged to play a small role in the upcoming “Cinderbubba” film. The re-telling of a classic tale – Southern Style – is really the only way to describe “Cinderbubba”. It is Cinderella with a Christian twist and set in south Mississippi. It is written by our good friend Joseph Harris.  He is an author, minister, college professor, and magician.   If you are from the south or just a southerner at heart you will want to get a hold of his book. Susan Wolf at GCACEF (Gulf Coast Association of Christian Entertainers and Filmmakers) is producing the movie. It has been a pleasure getting to know her. 

We filmed all day on Saturday.

Jonathan, Matthew, and Aaron….Can you guess what these three have in common?

True Cowboys…Andrew and Joseph

Filming “fairy godbubba”  in the squash patch

Aaron helping out

Andrew is “hanging out” waiting on his moment to shine.

Lunch Break!

Prince Charming Farmer King’s son with all his gals!

The Cowboy Scene

“Annabelle Gilliams” on stage

“Flora Mae” and “Maize Belle”

“Cowlick” and his purty rooster


After a long day of filming we headed to CiCi’s for some tasty pizza and good fellowship.