The Cinderbubba Film

Our family was recently invited to “star” in a movie!

Okay, maybe not star in it but we have been privileged to play a small role in the upcoming “Cinderbubba” film. The re-telling of a classic tale – Southern Style – is really the only way to describe “Cinderbubba”. It is Cinderella with a Christian twist and set in south Mississippi. It is written by our good friend Joseph Harris.  He is an author, minister, college professor, and magician.   If you are from the south or just a southerner at heart you will want to get a hold of his book. Susan Wolf at GCACEF (Gulf Coast Association of Christian Entertainers and Filmmakers) is producing the movie. It has been a pleasure getting to know her. 

We filmed all day on Saturday.

Jonathan, Matthew, and Aaron….Can you guess what these three have in common?

True Cowboys…Andrew and Joseph

Filming “fairy godbubba”  in the squash patch

Aaron helping out

Andrew is “hanging out” waiting on his moment to shine.

Lunch Break!

Prince Charming Farmer King’s son with all his gals!

The Cowboy Scene

“Annabelle Gilliams” on stage

“Flora Mae” and “Maize Belle”

“Cowlick” and his purty rooster


After a long day of filming we headed to CiCi’s for some tasty pizza and good fellowship.

5 thoughts on “The Cinderbubba Film

  1. Rebekah Gilmore says:

    The answer to (Jonathan, Matthew, and Aaron….Can you guess what these three have in common?)

    They played in the same movie!?!



  2. Rebekah L. says:

    Now I have GOT to see this movie….I hadn’t even heard y’all were doing it but boy, oh boy, does it sound FUNNY!! 🙂

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