The Death of Common Sence

checkI received a check in the mail today. It was not the first check I’ve ever received and I certainly hope it will not be the last, but by far it is the most remarkable. The reason for its significance is because it was for $.05. The telephone company sent us a refund, a whopping five cent refund, when we cancelled our telephone service. Previously, they had sent us two credits in the mail. Now maybe you are not as perplexed as I am to this reasoning but let me explain what I see here. The telephone company so concerned with its customers that for a five cent credit they will mail two letters (at $.44 each plus paper cost), print a check (paying someone in the company to do this) and send the $.05 check (using paper and another $.44). What has happened to common sense? The same company several years ago sent us a final bill for $.42. They sent several bills clearly costing more money than the forty-two cent they billed us for.  Again I ask, what has happened to common sense? I shouldn’t be surprised that it has died, look at our country. As I listen to the news and all the talk about stimulus packages, illegal immigrants, states’ rights, gun restrictions, hate crime legislation and the silencing of Christians I again ask “What has happened to common sense?” When I hear the same people who believe in the murder of innocent babies talk about animal rights and “mother earth” I again ask, “What has happened to common sense?” When I hear about people suing others over hot coffee or schools hiring child molesters or the government spending 2 million dollars for ATV trails during a financial crisis, I began to believe that common sense has died. Common sense died in this country when the belief of God and His Holy Word died. You may ask, “What does a .05 cent check and God have to do with one another?” It’s simple really. When a person no longer cares about God, His Word, His Standards, His Holiness, or His coming Judgment, then a person stops caring about everything else – that is unless it immediately involves or benefits them. The greatest two commandments are love God and love others. People have stopped loving God, therefore they cannot love others. People today seem to love only one person and that is self. So, the attitude is, “If it doesn’t promote my well being than I don’t care.” This can be applied to employees in companies wasting money to people not standing up when Christians are persecuted. The apathetic attitude in our country, even among believers, is killing our nation. The lethargic approach many have taken to life is destroying the very foundations that this God fearing country was built upon. Oh how I wish we could get back to where we once were – God fearing, Bible reading, church going, parent honoring, country caring, neighbor loving, elderly respecting and common sense!

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