The Sound of Silence


A typical day in our home is one of noise, from the moment the children rise until the last eyelid closes. Throughout the day I will hear a combination of talking, laughter, playing, singing, and quarrelling – all of which equal noise. Added to this noise is that of dogs barking, log trucks passing, phones and door bells ringing, washer and dryer beeping, talk radio, audio theater and videos. This is the reason the early morning is my favorite time of the day. When the sun is hidden and the household is asleep there is quiet…………..almost.

Given the duty of nature’s alarm clock, the birds still sing there sweet awakening songs. The ceiling fans hum. The clock ticks. The water in the fountain ripples down creating a soothing sound. Yet as peaceful as these sounds are there is still noise. And even if all outer sound ceased the noise in my mind would still be ever constant. To be still and know God is my desire. So many times even when I come to Him in prayer and worship the thoughts in my mind are deafening. I have so much to say, so much to ask for, and so much to plead. Oh, how I want to quiet my mind, to dwell on the Most Holy One, and to listen to that still small voice. “Be still and know that I am God.”

I remember being a child in elementary school. Often, the principle would come on the intercom and announce that we will observe a moment of silence for one reason or another. Many times it would be in honor of someone who had died. Does this still happen today? On any given day does anyone slow down enough to just stop and listen? What about silence as we worship? Ask the average person to define worship and they will tell you it is singing praises to God. Some might even expand that definition and add that worship involves praying to God as well. Let me submit that worship is so much more. I believe that true worship not only involves singing and praying but also giving, repenting, surrendering, and listening. It is in the hushed stillness of our souls that the Lord of Glory speaks to us. The most extraordinary prayers are ones of silence. It is in the most profound reverence that God receives the most praise, adoration, awe and worship. As I meditate upon these truths may I diligently seek Him, silently adore Him. In the secret, in the quiet place, in the stillness He is there.

But the LORD is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him. (Habakkuk 2:20)

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