Opened eyes and repentant hearts

Unless you’ve been shown the glorious light, one cannot understand.  My Lord has saved me.  I am justified.  But let me tell you that I’m in the process of being sanctified and it is a process.  My Lord is constantly working on me, changing me, molding me and shaping me into His image.  I have a long way to go but I press on nevertheless.  I believe that’s the key.  Of course I fail and fall into sin but my heart’s desire is to run from sin, to flee it and to cling to my Lord  –  to be constantly pursuing holiness.

One area in my life that the Lord has been dealing with me for a long time is the TV.  Several years ago my husband and I agreed that we would strive to guard our heart and mind by what we watch, listen to and read.  It’s not always easy but we strive.  I remember the day that my husband asked me to go to the engraver and have a Bible verse engraved onto a little plaque.  “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes.”  Psalm 101:3.  We placed this small plaque on our TV and computer.  We had one purpose for doing this and it was for our own benefit.  Television in itself is not evil.  We love to watch wholesome shows with our children but very little are wholesome.  If we would not allow children to dishonor their parents in our home why would we bring it into our home via the TV?   If we would not allow God’s name taken in vain in our home why would we bring it into our home via the TV?  If we would not allow drugs or alcohol in our home why would we bring it into our home via the TV?  If we would not allow fornicators and adulterers in our home why would we bring it in our home via the TV?  I could go on and on but the point is that if I tell my children that things are wrong or bad and then allow them to witness the very same thing I become a hypocrite.   But even more than that, there are things that we love that God absolutely despises!  I should love the things that God loves and I should hate the things that God hates.  It’s really that simple.

My Lord has used many avenues to open my eyes and show me the Truth from His Holy Word.  Sometimes it’s preachers, sometimes it’s friends, sometimes it’s through the books I read and sometimes God shows me directly through studying His Word.  Below is a video that is truly heart breaking and if watched with a humble, repentant heart can be used to open eyes.

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