The Sacrifice


The Friend of God heard from the Lord one day

“Behold, here I am. What do you have to say?”

“Isaac, the one you love, take him thy son

As a burnt offering, let it be done,

Upon one of the mountains I’ll let you know.”

“Yes Lord, if it’s Your will, I’ll go.”

Early in the morning he took Isaac and two men

Yet there was no doubt or fears within

For the Lord God had made a covenant

“Unto you and Sarah a son will be sent

A father of many nations you will be

Children as the sands of the sea”

So Abraham unto the young men said

“Abide here and we’ll go on ahead

And both of us will return unto you

We will see this sacrifice through.”

By faith he believed in his heart

God would raise him up, keeping his part.

“Father”, said Isaac, “A lamb I do not see”

“God will provide you must believe.”

The altar was built, Isaac was bound

Not from heaven came a sound

“Son, the Lord must be honored today” “

Yes father, I will willingly obey”

Abraham took the knife, this deed must be done

Yet from heaven came, “Do not harm thy son.”

“For I know now that God you fear,

Seeing you did not withhold that so dear.

A ram in the thicket I will provide.”

Abraham offered it with Isaac by his side

A beautiful story of father and son

Yet it is not the ending, it is not done.

Fast forward through time and you will see

The end of this story so precious to me

For now we see another Father and Son

Yet this time the sacrifice would be done

The Father from Heaven looking down would see

A world full of transgressors as evil as could be

No not one would seek righteousness or good

Redeem themselves? impossible – yet the Father could.

This must be done for “all like sheep have gone astray;

We have turned everyone to his own way.”

The loving Father not willing that any should perish

Would send His Son in whom he cherished.

Adoption for those who would repent and believe.

Still many were blinded and would be deceived

Yet, the Son willingly would lay down his life

But the Father would not use an altar and knife

“Crucify Him, Crucify Him” they would say

Still it pleased the Father to crush Him that day

He was despised and rejected of men

He took the full wrath of God and became sin

Surely he hath borne our griefs

Hung on a cross between two thieves.

Smitten of God and afflicted

So that mankind would not be convicted

Of eternal punishment deserving of all

Because of the sin that came at the Fall

A lamb to the slaughter God did provide

That precious Lamb was pierced in His side

He died, was buried, then arose on day three

For the Father’s Glory and for you and me!

A beautiful story of Father and Son

It is finally finished! It is well done!

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