The Antithesis of Home Schooling

As the summer flew by we knew that our journey in knowledge would continue as we picked the books back up.  We often remind our children that one should never stop learning, however during the summer months our family takes a more informal approach to academics.  But this week began our official “school time”.  With great expectations I woke Monday but by the end of the day all I could do was shake my head.  The day did not go as planned.  There was fussing, disobeying and yes, even screaming.  And the children didn’t do so well either.  As I pondered the first day back at school and searched my heart for the answer to why the day did not go well, the Lord spoke to my conscience.  I already knew the answer for conscience means with (con) knowledge (science), making my conclusions all the more painful.  It was as if the Lord asked, “By what standards are you setting up for your children?  Are your goals based on the world or do you have a Biblical standard for these children I have given you?  Are you concerned with only the outcome or is it the process of learning that you care about?  Are you teaching your children so that they will get the best education or is there a higher calling of teaching your children – for My Glory?”    In truth there is such a contrast in each approach. Therefore it is important to reevaluate our reasoning for home education each year.  While my husband is constant in his goals for this family I must admit that I am prone to wander off the path at times.  I believe that is why God in all His wisdom allows me a day like Monday.  He allows me to slip off the path of excellence, fall down on the rocky road of this world, and then come running back to His marvelous plan for my life.  So, as I nursed my bruises from the day before I took on a whole new approach to learning and teaching on Tuesday.   Whether we were reading the Word of God as a family, practicing cursive handwriting, or studying the 2nd law of Thermodynamics our focus was upon doing all things for the Glory of God.  Would you believe that the contrast was as stark as night and day?   

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