The Slave


The story of Onesimus speaks to my heart

From Philemon his owner, this man did part

And ran away and joined another

Paul – apostle, prisoner, and brother.

The Word was taught for man to do right

It’s wrong for a slave to run and take flight.

Go back, serve your master it would be better

But take comfort my friend, I’ll send a letter.

On your behalf any debt I will repay;

I’ll take it upon myself, it’s the only way.

With Paul as his intercessor, willing to repent,

Back to Philemon he was sent.

Not only a slave but now a brother

For Onesimus gladly serves another.

Another story of a slave let me tell,

This one was bound and headed for hell.

My master was Satan and I served only sin

I would serve him today had grace not been.

The wages due was nothing but death

No hope within, there was nothing left.

Until the day a new Master sought me

Breaking chains of bondage setting me free.

The debt I owed – my Lord paid it all,

He lifted me up out of the fall.

Now no longer just a poor slave

From my Master new life He gave.

As joint-heirs He is also my brother

For now I gladly serve another.

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