Day One in Cozumel

We are having a wonderful time with our family!  The resort is beautiful and everyone is very friendly and helpful.  This is where I sat most of the afternoon after we flew in.  Surprisingly, the resort is not crowded at all,which I am very thankful for.  The forth picture is of my dad and Andrew.  Next, the men are playing pool outside our room.  Notice the picture of the water.  It is amazing at how clear it is.  The children really enjoyed the snorkling and seeing all the beautiful fish.  Aaron took Dana and my picture as we were waiting for the rest of the family.  Last night at sunset all 14 of us had our pictures taken on the beach.  I can’t wait to see how they turn out.  After, we went to dinner.  The first picture is of the children, then mom and Landon, then my very serious minded brother.  After a day of fun Ladon took a little nap on the table.  My sister decided to join him.  He is so precious!  After the show the performers wanted a picture a picture with my boys.  Aaron and Andrew were kind enough to oblige them.  We, of course, were too busy for autographs.  We ended our day with a game of cards.

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6 thoughts on “Day One in Cozumel

  1. Rebekah G. says:

    OH!!! It looks so wonderful there. “SIGH” It looks like y’all are haveing soooooo much fun. Thanks for sharing. I will (Lord willing) be waiting on more posts.

    Rebekah G. 🙂

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