Who has time for blogging?

I had a few preconceived notions coming into this vacation about how much time I would have.  I pictured days of sitting around reading and writing.  It just hasn’t happened.  We’ve been too busy.  Tuesday morning we spent on the beach snorkeling and kayaking.  The afternoon was spent by the pool with a two-hour nap in there somewhere.  That evening we made reservations at Cafe’ Parai’so.  It is situated in a tiny lagoon on the resort.  The restaurant was beautiful.  The man playing the piano and the colorful fish tank gave the restaurant an atmosphere of cool elegance.   It was a seven course meal.  Throughout the evening I tried a greek salad, caesar salad, shrimp (from my sister’s plate), strips of raw beef (from my sister-in-law’s plate), steak (from my husband’s plate), soup, stuffed chicken with spinach, onion rolls, roasted vegetables and potatoes, strawberry cheesecake, and a small taste of coconut ice cream (which was incredible!) and a bite of my husband’s chocolate cake.  Tuesday evening there was a pirate beach party where we watched a show of fire handlers.  My boys loved it!

Yesterday we spent the morning having a leisurely breakfast and by the pool.  We picked up our pictures from Monday evening at noon, ate lunch and then went into town for some shopping.  We stopped for a few minutes to have some ice cream.  I talked Kendal into trying corn ice cream.  I was too scared!  We made it back to the hotel around 6:30 completely exhausted.  After dinner at Restaurant La Isla, which overlooks the beach and serves an extensive tropical-Caribbean buffet, we went to the evening show.  It was a Mexican Broadway show.

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