40 Things I Love About You

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It has been fun having my husband turn 40 this week (mostly because it wasn’t me). I’ve reminded him how “old” he has become. The children and I bought gag gifts. The church threw him a surprise party on Friday night. It’s been great, but time for fun is over. This is serious – 40 years!  So all joking aside, and in honor of husband’s birthday here are 40 Things I Love About You – Dana Williams!

1.) I am not #1 in your life.
2.) ….God is.
3.) You are a loving father.
4.) …and a fun dad.
5.) You are a student of the Word.
6.) You are a wonderful pastor.
7.) You give me gifts when I don’t deserve them.
8.) You give me gifts when I do…
9.) You make me smile.
10.) You make me cry.
11.) You make our daughter laugh.
12.) You make our boys strong.
13.) You bring out the best in people.
14.) You bring out the best in Otis (our demon dog).
15.) You stand when no one else will.
16.) You stand with those who stand on God’s Word.
17.) You have a heart for older people.
18.) You love babies and children.
19.) You love the truth.
20.) Your favorite movie is Pride & Prejudice.
21.) You’re not embarrassed to say that your favorite movie is Pride & Prejudice.
22.) You practice what you preach.
23.) You admit when you are wrong.
24.) You don’t pretend.
25.) You make me feel like a Queen.
26.) You are an excellent sock folder!
27.) You encourage me to write.
28.) You spiritually lead me and the children.
29.) You are one of the hardest workers I know.
30.) You read me to sleep.
31.) You make our date nights special.
32.) You take our daughter out on dates making her feel special.
33.) You wrestle with the boys.
34.) You cry when watching Fireproof & Courageous.
35.) You love to laugh.
36.) You make me want to be a better wife.
37.) You play Monopoly when you don’t want to.
38.) You know how to forgive.
39.) You know how to say, “I’m sorry!”
40.) You have bewitched me body and soul. I love, I love, I love you. Mr. Williams and I never wish to be parted from you from this day on!

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